Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World Movie Poster

“When do we start?” -Loki 

*Perhaps maybe there could possibly be spoilers kind of*

So far, the Marvel Phase Two line is going well. I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 3 and thought it was better than two (although that’s not a hard thing to do) but not quite better than the first one. Here, I think that The Dark World is a better movie…and I loved Thor.

I was expecting a great movie based on what people I know have said about it. Most did not mention how funny it was. I thought it was the funniest of the Marvel movies and considering the plot and the title, it’s kind of ironic.

My wife, however, stands by this being the funniest thing in a Marvel movie:

Let’s break it down a little now:

I really, really love Asgard. I really admire the Marvel movies in that each one seems to take place in its own world but still manages to blend the others together. By far, Thor’s realm is most impressive. The atmosphere of the world is so unique that it almost seems like a completely separate standalone movie.

We saw some of Asgard in the first movie and in this one we get to see a lot more. It’s a beautifully designed city. Not only do we get to see Asgard, but we catch a glimpse of some of the other realms.

From what I gather, most people are upset that Loki didn’t have as much screen time as they would have wanted. I have to agree, but only to an extent. I think that he served the purpose the movie set up for him.

I wish that Christopher Eccleston, who played the film’s antagonist Malekith, had more of a presence onscreen. I really liked what I saw of him and I really wanted there to be more of him. His scary-looking henchman, Kurse, was great though.

Other than that, I felt that something was missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But something just felt like it should’ve been there. Maybe more time spent in the Dark World? More Kurse, or rather more Malekith? More topless Chris Hemsworth?

I’ll admit something here: Until the first Spider-man movie came out way back in 2002, I was never really a Marvel or even really a comic book fan in general. I grew up watching the Batman animated show and movies but that’s about it. I was always a Batman and Batman only kind of guy. When the Marvel movies would come out, I would read up on them so I could get a better understanding of the characters…this was especially confusing for me with the mid-credit sequence. I haven’t ANY idea what’s going on there and if someone could explain that to me I will give you my halfway-punched gelato card so you can get a free one.

So yes, my children, Thor: The Dark World was great. I say pop off your little heinies and mosey on over to the picture show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh some more, you’ll go “Hey isn’t that the guy from Chuck and Tangled?”

and you’ll laugh some more!


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