Reviews…James Bond Reviews.

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Awhile ago I mentioned I was gonna be doing reviews of movie series…es…and the James Bond series is my first round.

Way back in 1995, I, like many around my age, had my first exposure to world of James Bond. It was with Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye. It blew me away and since then I’ve been a Bond fan.

There’s just something about James Bond. He’s cool, he can do ridiculous stunts, woo anyone he wants, spout dumb one-liners, has a fantastic tailor that makes tuxedos you can run in and they won’t tear, an iron liver, and can make Denise Richards’ lack of acting skills bearable for an hour and a half. (I do believe that is his greatest accomplishment.) He makes you wanna be a better man, man.

The villains are often memorable either because they’re great like Goldfinger and Blofeld, over the top like Max Zorin and Raul Silva, or downright terrible like Gustav Graves and…everyone else in Die Another Day. Sometimes the henchmen take center stage and end up being more interesting than the villain. The most famous case being Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me (who inexplicably reappears in Moonraker.) My favorite example, though, is Mr. Stamper in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Then, of course…there’s all them ladies.The Bond girl. Who could forget them? Be it the ally, the enemy, or quite simply, the candy, James Bond always had a few beautiful and deadly women to deal with in the story. Most of the time though, I believe they are there to give us something to look at.

Everyone has their favorite Bonds and this is often a fighting point between fans. Some claim the one and only James Bond is Sean Connery (the original rough and tough Bond) while other argue it’s Roger Moore (the funny Bond.) A smaller crowd think Timothy Dalton (the dark Bond) was the best, and a lot of my people age really like Pierce Brosnan (the cool and modern Bond) and Daniel Craig (the realistic Bond)…and one guy in the entire world thinks George Lazenby (the diva-horrible to work with-garlic breath Bond) was the best. I’m not really sure where I stand. It’s very close.

So! Onto the reviews! I’ll be reviewing them all. From Dr. No to Skyfall. I’m even going to review the 1967 Casino Royale and 1983’s Never Say Never Again. Each review will be broken down into a few sections: Who the Bond is, the villains, the girls, the plan, the gadgets/car, (if applicable) and the song. Along with that, I’ll review it in a “normal” sense, but I won’t give it a rating. At the end, I’m going to rank them from my favorite to my least favorite.

So starting tomorrow with Dr. No, we will begin our alcohol-sex-villains with scars-Q being annoyed-product placement filled adventure!

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