More Typography

Can ya…can ya tell I like James Bond?
So I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here at all.
Life has managed to pull me away. I’ve been working at a new place and that’s kept me busy as well as me trying to find a different job.
But I’ve made these recently and thought I’d share.
Feedback is appreciated!

From Russia With Love is one of my favorite Bond movies and Red Grant is one of the scariest villains if not the scariest. I thought it’d be fun to make a propagandaish image with him.

from-russia-with-love-quoteThe text portrait was fun to make. It took a few tries with different photos and different quotes until this one worked. Of course it was a James Bond villain’s monologue that worked the best for what I wanted to do.


And yes…I know I started reviewing all of the Bond movies and I did promise I’d review the full series and break it down. I do intend to do this still.

I’m resurrecting this website.

Live long & prosper.

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