So you really want to know more about me?

Well then. I’ve recently graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a BA in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics.

I enjoy everything film related. I have a sizable collection of DVDs and Blu-rays…and I mean sizable. My wife and I could probably open our own video store. Incidentally, when is the last time you heard of an operating video store?

Boy on a Turtle will have a variety of things to look at, read, and listen to.

Some examples of things you’ll find here:

Reviews: This will include reviews of movies (new & old,) video games, TV shows, and books.

Recommendations: This section will change periodically. It’ll list, well, recommendations! Movies, TV  shows, video games, and books I think you’ll enjoy. If you don’t, well, you’re wrong.

Everyday observances: This will be my attempt to do (at least) a weekly vlog. Could be unpredictable.

So, my children, go forth! Explore. Don’t feed the animals, please. They’re on a specialized diet.

Oh! And here’s my Demo Reel

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